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Fast, easy, and free guitar tuning
Precision to 0.01 hz!
Perfect tuning makes a huge difference to how a guitar sounds. Select "Faster" tuning to get approximatley in tune and then "More Accurate" to make your guitar sound better than it ever has before!

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Tuning is easy with aGuitarTuner. Simply place your microphone close to your guitar and play a string (note; many laptops have a built-in microphone that is ok to use). aGuitarTuner will display the current tuning (frequency) of your string and display both the target frequency and how close you are as a percentage. If the frequency is lower than the target then tune up, otherwise tune down. Try to get as close as possible to the target frequency, within 0.5% is a good start. Evnetually, getting within 0.4% is OK, 0.3% is good, and 0.2% is as good as it gets with fast tuning :) Now that your guitar is in good tune aGuitarTuner's "more accurate" tuning mode can be used to get near-perfect tuning. Or if perfection is not required you can start playing now!

More accurate tuning
To provide the best in accuracte tuning, aGuitarTuner has two modes available for tuning; faster, and more accurate. In the "more accurate" mode feedback is not given instantly, instead a profile of the string is displayed once the sound ends. Play your string for a short time (2-3sec) then stop it. After a short delay a very accurate frequnecy estimate will be displayed. Addjust your string up or down accoring to the estimate by a very small amount. Tuning that last 0.1 hz takes a suprisingly small ajustment of a tuning knob.

Factors affecting tuning
  • Higher strings have a wider acceptable tuning range. To tune within 0.5% accuracy for all strings requires +/- 0.4 hz at 80hz (6th string) and +/- 1.65 hz at 330hz (1st string). So for example, getting 328.7hz for 1st string is fine.
  • When a string is first played it is at its highest frequency, after which the frequency displayed may gradually decrease. This is normal for guitars and occurs because the energy in the string when it is "loud" increases the tension, which increases frequency. Tune for the first 1-2sec as this is the duration a string is normally played for.
Mic Level
The volume of your microphone must be high enough for aGuitarTuner to process the sound correctly, but not too high. The Mic Level bar shows the accepable volume range when a string is played. Going outside this range may reduce accuracy. Your microphone volume can be adjusted through windows.

Note selection and tuning other instruments
aGuitarTuner can be used to tune other instruments besides guitars. Simply select the note and octave that you would like tune for by clicking on one of the green note circles at the bottom of the applet.

What to do if aGuitarTuner does not work. Several problems can occur:
  • No Frequency is displayed: The first thing to check is your microphone. When a string is played the green indicator in the Mic Level bar will move dramatically. If it is moving you may simply need to move your guitar closer to your microphone to get a good sound level. Otherwise check that your microphone is plugged in correctly and that the windows recording controls are setup to accept sound from your microphone.
  • Error message "Error: Security restrictions": To allow access to your microphone you must select "accept" when prompted while aGuitarTuner is loading.
  • Applet fails to load (a red "X" is displayed): You may need to upgrade Java. Select "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6" on this page.
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